Richard Francis

170913-k-02Work: Combinations Sound System: Scalpel Eye
Bio:  Richard Francis (b. 1977) is an Auckland based sound artist. He uses field recordings, synth modules and computer to make patterns, rhythms and structures. He has released solo and collaborative albums on a number of labels including Korm Plastics (NL), Monochrome Vision (RU), Aufabwegen (DE) and Last Visible Dog (USA). Recent collaborators include Machinefabriek, Bruce Russell, Mattin, Jason Kahn and Francisco Lopez. He has played concerts in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Since 2003, Francis has produced sound installations, participating in group and solo shows at galleries throughout New Zealand including ‘Wall of Sound’, Te Tuhi (Auckland); ‘Sonic Museum’, Auckland Museum; ‘Warmth’, ACFA (Auckland); ‘360’, Blue Oyster Gallery (Dunedin); ‘Likes the Outdoors’, Ramp Gallery (Hamilton); ‘Audible New Frontiers’, The Physics Room (Christchurch); ‘Music For Stairwell’, Artspace (Auckland).

Francis has collaborated for recording and performance with Anla Courtis (NZ), Bruce Russell (NZ), Francisco Lopez (Spain), Jason Kahn (USA), Birchville Cat Motel (NZ), MSBR (Japan), Empirical (NZ), Tetuzi Akiyama (Japan), Gate (NZ), Mattin (Basque Country), Lawrence English (Australia), Rosy Parlane (NZ), Greg Headley (USA), Pumice (NZ), Clinton Watkins (NZ), Howard Stelzer (USA), Kuwayama Kiyoharu (Japan), Phil Dadson (NZ), Joel Stern (Australia), Sean Kerr (NZ), Andrew Clifford (NZ), Anthony Guerra (Australia), Sean Meehan (USA), Antony Milton (NZ), James Kirk (NZ), MHFS (NZ), Tim Coster (NZ), Paul Winstanley (NZ), Ishigami Kazuya (Japan), Takefumi Naoshima (Japan), Toshihiro Koike (Japan), Jason Lescalleet (USA), Jay Sullivan (USA).

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