Sunday Matinee – Symposium

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Sunday October 25th, 2015
Doors open from 2:30pm

Women in Electronic Music – feat. Gemma Syme (chair), Sarah Ann Kelleher, Kerry Coulshed, Stainer-Black Five, and Flo Wilson

A panel discussion exploring aesthetic and political questions surrounding women in electronic music. The panel features a range of women who produce and perform electronic music and run workshops, events and other initiatives.

The Expanded Field of Contemporary Sound Practice – Richard B Keys (chair), David Khan,  John Christoffels, Dugal McKinnon,  and more TBA

A panel discussion exploring the notion of contemporary sound practice and it’s relationship to the domains of music and contemporary visual arts at large. This panel features a range of academics, curators, and organisers, and deals primarily with the theoretical and curatorial implications of these issues.

Helga Fassonaki – Helga Fassonaki, a US artist who’s project Khal, is currently featured at The Auricle has removed one of her scores, ‘Celestial’ from the exhibition and transfigured it into a new iteration for the Audacious Festival.  The piece is featured at 281 Manchester Street (corner of Armagh and Manchester Street). Fassonaki will be talking about her sound installation, ‘Celestial’ as it relates to the idea of vacancy and a living score – a score that is open to edits, renewal and dialogue.  The talk will lead into a workshop presenting the idea of a score as a language used to tell a story, communicate a process, provide instructions, or even trigger a memory – none of which defines a score as necessarily fixed, permanent, or even tangible.  Workshop participants will each create a score by locating a spot in the central city that triggers an audible memory or story.  By locating each of these scores, we will together map out a composition containing living scores.

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