Jim Murphy

Work: Lost Oscillations
Bio: Jim Murphy is an artist whose works focus on mechatronics, instrument design, and installation-oriented kinetic sculpture. Jim was born in Taos, New Mexico and has lived in Wellington since 2011. Jim currently teaches at the New Zealand School of Music and Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Engineering and Computer Science. Jim is interested in creating and teaching the interdisciplinary practice of music technology, drawing from engineering and music-related bodies of knowledge to further the state of the art.

His recent works focus on the act of obtaining unexpected sounds from objects through the use of mechatronic actuation and excitation. In 2015, Jim founded new media project Technical Earth with artist Mo H. Zareei.

Collaborators and mentors include Trimpin, Daniel Belton, Mo H. Zareei, Martijn Zwartjes, Dugal McKinnon, Ajay Kapur, Bridget Johnson, and Carl Burgin.

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